Abi's Little Black Pants

Abi has been a member since 2013. We made the Abi set based on her pinterest mood board (which was mostly leopard print and rainbow chard, easy :-/) as her first set of credit bespoke sex pants.

We asked Abi to tell us why she loves the club;

Before I joined Little Black Pants, I didn't buy much luxury lingerie certainly not big brands like AP.

The best THINGS about being a member are: 

Pants through the post (me and the postal service can even cope with the empty packaging now)! (FYI There was some confusion when we sent out the first newsletters on the 'non pants month' and many a postman was accused of pants theft)

Being able to make suggestions and having pants and bras magically appear! Having the worlds lushest sexy pants named after me!!!Pants parties. Being able to give my friends and family designer pants for birthdays and Christmases.

I love a bargain and I'm still trying to convince LBPC that people don't get the credit system because it's far too generous! (I'd better still get my bonus points)

That they are organic, fairtrade and British made - much better value than other ethical pants. 

And not ever M&S repairs and adjusts your underwear for you! X