Radical Transparency

The Fashion Industry is a murky business. 

Its hard to know whats going on. High-end luxury brands are getting busted for farming their 'artisanship' out to vulnerable grannies earning less than minimum wage. And Fast Fashion Billionaires are making a packet from selling dresses for a tenner

Are you being ripped off by brands trying to charge you 4x the going Primark rate. Or is there more to the value of a garment than those slave labour exploitative employers are letting on?

To add a bit of clarity to the debate- I've dug through our shambolic book keeping to give a a taste of why we charge what we do at Little Black Pants Club. You may find the following shocking!

This costing relates to the 'Humanitarian' knickers. They're all a bit different, but you get the jist!

As you can see- we could make hefty savings. The lace we use on the humanitarian knickers, for instance, is about 8 times the cost of a normal polyester alternative. But then we'd have some bad polyester manufacture on our conscience.

Or we could pay less than Living Wage to the people that make the knickers. 

Or we could outsource to a country outside of the EU, where living costs are lower.

But this is how we've chosen to do it. To offer employment, in our area.

To source the fabrics and trims with the lowest impact.

And to give you credits, instead of charging profit, because you deserve it for being part of such a great shift in fashion thinking.