The Fish Wife Bra

The world likes to reduce women. For instance, a lot of underwear is designed as if wearing underwear were a purely aesthetic practice undertaken by a strata of human that stays completely still. That is not how we design underwear.

We named our knickers after some of the cool things that people get up to whilst wearing our pants. And we're naming our bras after some of our favourite gender based insults, names used to try and reduce, belittle and contain women. Basically for the Lols.

Let us introduce you to 'The Fish Wife'.

Most insults of this kind work on the same principle. Comparing the subject unfavourably to a trope of woman that is unacceptable to the mainstream. This insult is used on 'well brought up girls' to remind them that they don't want to appear poor. Fact. Poor women have to shout, because they have to do stuff like sell fish. Unpoor women should keep their voices at a medium to low volume, unless they're incredibly unpoor, in which case they could go for 'eccentric' boomin, or bossing underlings around with divaish panache.

The 'Fish Wife' is a delightful vintage sexism, I've wheeled it out partly for nostalgic purposes. But, although the phrase itself has fallen out of favour, the sentiment is still relevant- the 'Calm down dear' of a woman getting all het up. The desire that women should present themselves prettily, on the outside and on the eardrums. That anything too direct, too to the point, too challenging, is distasteful. That a woman in the heated bloodlust of a tournament final, shouldn't raise her voice or throw her racket.

The Fish Wife is coarse and uncouth, (some definitions are quite clear that she swears). She has bad days, of course she does- she's living by her own skills in a difficult profession, especially since the invention of supermarkets and housing bubble crashes. And on her bad days but nobody would want to be on the wrong side of her, untamed anger is uncomfortable for most people, and everyone can do their best to remain calm in the face of adversity.

But there's definitely a place for loudness, and a brash sense of humour based on being down to earth means she's a lot of fun. She tells it deep fried with a healthy sprinkling of salt and a good glug of vinegar. And she stands up for herself. She's a potential example to us all in stopping a nonviolent metoo in it's passive aggressive tracks. with extra fuckoffs.

The fishwife bra is giving you a right eyeful. Expertly tailored lift and fully visible nipples through our fine, dolphin friendly, mesh cup keep you in your place without any extra frills, making you feel so forthright that the immediate vicinity better watch out- needs be, they'll be gettin' an earful an' all.