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Hi there. My name is Chantel, I live in France and I share, hold, aspire to the same beliefs as the Little Black Pants Club.

I am an older lady whose life journey maybe started in a different place than many of you but here I am and proud to be a member. One of my things is that if my underwear feels good and is responsibly sourced and created, I feel good inside from the moment I get dressed. I feel confident, happy and positive for the day or evening ahead knowing that.

In addition I like that the "LBPC" go that extra mile in promoting ecological and economic strategies towards creating a sustainable future which is something I truly believe we must all urgently address sooner rather than later.

Great oaks from little acorns grow and I truly hope that sustainable responsible production and employment becomes the norm and that big multi-national companies are forced to follow this lead by better informed demands from the general population. I am also a believer in Anthony Giddens work and third way politics. We need to stop thinking of our world as this country or that political group and start thinking as sharing occupants of planet earth with finite resources. Okay rant over. Please dont throw me out all ready. :-)

Chantel Waring