Little Black Pants Club makes comfy organic underwear for self identifying women who are woke AF. The 21st Century is an increasingly unsettling time- We believe that you can have a beautiful product, without adding to environmental destruction and social inequality, but to achieve this even the basics need to be rethought from the ground up. We've got some ideas to help you buy better pants.

Our Full Circle Solution allows you to enjoy stress free everyday underwear whilst saving up credits for decadent feel good lingerie treats in one easy bi-monthly (recycled paper) package-

The lingerie that you need;

Should be easy to wear, healthy for your body, last a long time, and not sit around in landfill once you’ve worn it to death. We develop our everyday underwear so you don’t have to think about it while you’re wearing and washing it, and you don’t have to worry about it where it ends up at the end of its life.

When you sign up to purchase our pants and bras we are committed to getting the fit right. We work to your exact measurements, and have spent years simplifying our fit process to make it simple and efficient for you. Everybody is different- Little Black Pants Club makes all our bras in house (in Brixton) which has allowed us to develop a unique system for making bespoke adjustments to our bras to cater for a range of shapes. We do every size, and we do different sizes for left boob and right boob :-) Once we’ve got it right once, we keep your unique pattern on file so next time we know exactly what adjustments you need.

We use Organic cotton and bamboo jersey as much as possible for our everyday lingerie. Organic cotton and bamboo are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, they make a super soft jersey that is free from harsh chemicals and resins, it has 4% elastane for enhanced fit and longevity. When we use fabrics derived from oil (meshes elastics and laces for comfort) we source from European companies, or salvage fabrics that have been discarded by other brands to prevent needless waste. We’re not keen on ‘plastic fabrics’, unfortunately at the moment, alternatives are very limited aim to have the resources to develop a ‘plastic free’ range by 2020.

When our underwear wears out, we either revive (a bit of new elastic often does the trick) or recycle it, just return it to us and we’ll take care of it.

The lingerie you want;

(You know- sexy stuff for special (waheyyy) occasions) Should be made especially for you; We’ve catered to a whole range of beautiful bodies and brains with our bespoke sex pants; Women celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries, women with curvature of the spine. Special bridal items that can’t show under that slinky figure hugging dress, and pieces that are so crazy they can’t be worn under anything, ever.

Our Bespoke Sex Pants section shows you some of the items we’ve had requested in the past. You can pick it off the shelf, add a few custom alterations, or come up with something completely new.

All our Bespoke Lingerie is created and produced by women earning a living wage in the UK. That makes it rather pricey; which is why our members get a credit worth £7.50 for every pair of everyday knickers they buy (8 credits for an everyday bra). This way you can save up for something super special, just by buying the underwear you needed anyway. It’s the ultimate guilt free treat.

Check out our subscription options starting from £6.50 a month and embrace the future of lingerie.