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We're spreading a way of living that puts love for the planet, love for people, love for our bodies, and love for creativity first.

We are industry insiders working for a regenerated clothing industry, we need you!



You can find our classes on our


By offering our classes this way you have more chances to ask us questions and learning from fellow lingerie sewists.

Classes, add ons and hacks are all available with the 'sew your own membership'


Here's a curated collection of kits for you to create your own bras from. We're passionate about the use of natural fibres in lingerie, so we've specifically tailored our collection towards organic cottons, organic peace silks, biodegradable 'leave no trace lace' and natural rubber trims.

This is a different direction to the industry which relies heavily on non-biodegradable synthetics, so the colours and styles may feel limiting. That's where your creativity comes in! Join our Patreon to get some inspiration and extra info about how to make natural fibre lingerie work best for you.

We also offer a few kits in standard fabrics from our stash- when they're gone they're gone! (we won't be investing in any more synthetic fabrics). Please note, we have separated out 'notions and components' from fabrics so you can easily select your own jersey or lace, either from another seller, or by upcycling something that you already own.