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I was weaned on the principles of ethical consumption. My Mum was a trustee of Traidcraft, so I knew the values of fair trade and the business practices that it stood against from the go. Once you’ve seen the evidence of how global north corporations take advantage of global south communities, it's hard to accept those traditional business models..

I always questioned where the materials I was using had come from, and looked for ethical alternatives, setting up links with Fairtrade Gold suppliers when I was at Uni studying jewellery design, using recycled leather and french sequin tulle when the brand I co-founded with my sister was supplying accessories to ASOS.


Even though I studied Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, I’ve been making clothes since I was a teenager. I’m fascinated by the skill of making them fit and the theory of  how they interact with our identities and our communities. And I always had a bold style- I made myself a 5th Element inspired two piece for my 6th form summer ball.

Little Black Pants Club is not just a project about using sustainable materials. It’s an exploration of how we can make our clothes mean more to us, so that we feel satisfied with less. For me this is important- because we need to improve the lives of so many people, at the same time as getting back into balance with the Earth’s systems and cycles. 

When I heard the frustrations of so many women- that the underwear they want often isn’t the underwear that fits them properly, I realised that there was an opportunity to prove that a different way of making clothes can be better than the one we have, and be more sustainable at the same time. Learning and developing a way to make bras to measure has been challenging. 

I stay motivated because I believe in humans, I believe we can be a positive part of our beautiful planet, and I want to see others reconnect with themselves and be convinced of the power they hold to do good.

Little Black Pants is really my baby, at various times I’ve been responsible for every part of it (control freak). But I’m very grateful to have built up a supportive team, so that now I can focus on Design Development, Bespoke Pattern Cutting and the ‘Intellectual Basis’ for what we do.

Alice Headshot 3.jpg

Working with Alice has been such a wonderful, exciting & enlightening opportunity and I look forward to many more great experiences with the Little Black Pants Club!



Photographer, Musician, chef, cyclist.

I started working for Alice at the beginning of 2020. I never expected to work for a Lingerie brand it just sort of happened. Meeting Alice and putting the world to right through our activism made me feel like part of the family. In the years before working for Little black pants club I was travelling the world. Running 'Trashion' projects in Copenhagen with the students at AFUK collage. Then onto photographing the effects of plastic and waste in Southeast Asia. 


Im 25 and I already have my dream job. 


2020_Matilda_Pine (9 of 28).jpg

GABRIELLA - technician 

I’ve always had an interest for sewing and studied Textiles in both secondary school and college. I was also an avid lingerie window-shopper throughout my time in uni. Shortly after presenting my assignment for the model final module of my BA Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations course is when it became clear to me that I was destined to pursue a career within the beautifully fascinating world of lingerie.

Following on from this epiphany, I taught myself how to make lingerie online and continued to top up my knowledge and experience with short lingerie making courses.

I met Alice in 2018 through a Bra Making course that she was teaching at a local further education college. By the time that the course was ending I had just left my office job so during the last class, I asked Alice if she would accept me as a volunteer at her studio and as luck would have it, she was searching for a studio assistant.

Working from 9-5 didn’t allow me much time to to invest into bettering my lingerie production skills and was a huge factor in my decision to leave the office. Thankfully, the flexible work environment at Little Black Pants Club has provided me with the time I need to focus on my personal business ventures whilst consistently learning on the job with an extremely supportive mentor.

During the time that I’ve been working with Alice, I have learnt many invaluable tips and techniques as well as worked on an array of bold and quirky projects. These projects have included funky Christmas knicker subscription upgrades, bespoke customer sets, creating gorgeous burlesque show pieces, the production of another luxury lingerie brand’s collection and more.


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