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Fibre; Lace= Polyester elastane, Gusset= Bamboo Elastane


Environment; This range is made using ‘deadstock lace’- lace that is leftover from another brand's collection. Bamboo is a fibre that can grow quickly without the use of pesticides. We make to order to avoid pre-consumer waste.


Circularity; Polyester mixes cannot be separated to be made into new fibres but can be recycled into industrial insulation.


Feminism; Stretch lace for extra comfort. Designed by women.


Inclusivity; Available in any size. Can be purchased with a Subscription to spread the cost.


Respect for Workers; Respect for Workers; Made by in house Technicians paid a Living Wage, who can earn a stake in the company. Bamboo sourced from direct traders


Health; Gusset is Bamboo for better moisture wicking and breathability. Dyes are Oeko Tex standard. Synthetics are not considered as healthy for the body as natural fibres. We are developing technologies that can create the look and feel of stretch lace in natural fibres, but this will take time (and significant investment!!) Please see our Ocean Protection Range if you are concerned about synthetics.


Care; Wash on a low setting. To minimise microfibre shed; Wash by hand (in the shower), or use a guppy bag or washing machine filter. (Microfibre shed cannot be completely eliminated with these methods, for zero microfibre shed- choose from our ‘Ocean Protection’ range.)

Hopkins Highwaisted French Shorts

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